SB Power helps both home and business to create sustainable and renewable energy solutions in an affordable way

About SB Power

Solar Power & Back Up Solutions

SB Power is a distributor of Jinko Solar Panels to commercial and domestic installers. Having 25 years experience in the back up power industry we are able to supply and support solar and back up power solutions and projects. Solar Power Solutions has become affordable and reliable with great strides being made from a technology point of view. SB Power believes it has the best solution for a renewable energy source and an environmentally friendly power supply with it’s Jinko Solar Panels. Our Jinko Tiger Pro solar panels provide an efficient and cost effective energy solution. Renewable energy is the best way forward to keep your business or home powered up.

SB Power your Solar Panel Specialists, we service the whole of South Africa.


Solar Solutions for Home Owners

Solar Power solutions for your home is now more affordable than ever before. The power grid is under massive strain and will be for the foreseeable future. Home owners can now rely on high quality solar power systems to ensure you have electricity at all times. Each Solar Power Solution can be tailored for your house hold requirements and provide you with a sustainable and cost effective energy source. Jinko Solar Panels has a high efficiency rate which means low maintenance costs and reduced electricity bills.


Solar Solutions for Businesses

It is vital for any business to have power consistently. Solar Power solutions is not just cost effective but it will reduce your reliance on the electricity grid when subjected to load shedding. It will increase the value of your property and your business can benefit from SARS deductions. Installing a solar power solution is an investment for your business that will reduce your electricity bill and provide you with a competitive edge for your business. Once the initial cost of the solution is recouped in the long term, you will have free electricity and be independent from the national grid.

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Benefits to your home

  • Renewable Energy Source:

    South Africa is the third best country in the world to use solar power due to it’s high average sunlight hours per year. We will never run out of solar energy.

  • Reduced Electricity Bills:

    Having a solar panel solution for your business or home you will rely less on the unreliable current electricity grid. The energy generated from your solar power will significantly reduce your electricity bill and with new legislation you will be able to recoup cost by pushing excess energy into the grid.

  • Low Maintenance Costs:

    Solar panels don’t have any moving parts which reduces wear and tear and with our Jinko Solar Panels that provide a 20 year warranty you will only need to keep the panels clean from dust, salt spray or other contaminants for maximum efficiency.

  • Environmental Considerations:

    There is zero emissions from solar panels so no toxic or polluting contaminants being pumped into the air which is a key factor against climate change. The input costs out weigh the energy output over the long run.

  • Technology:

    Solar panels have technologically developed significantly over the last decade with higher power output and more efficient panels to make it more affordable and viable as an energy resource.